Agent / Franchise

Join us now by becoming a "Franchise Licence Agent" and secure your very own area, prices start from as little as £3,995  Inclusive.

 "You will have a valuable licence allowing you to provide all the products that Usk Vale Foods provide under your very own branding"

Why run your own  Agent franchise?

10 advantages of franchising !!

  • The risk of business failure is reduced by franchising. Your business is based on a proven system that works.
  • Products and services will have already established a market share. Therefore there will be no need for market testing.
  •  You benefit from any national advertising or promotion by the owner of the franchise - the 'franchisor'.
  • Usk Vale Foods gives you support - as a complete package including training, help setting- up the business, a manual telling you how to run the business and ongoing advice.
  • No prior experience is needed as the training received from Usk Vale Foods should ensure the franchisee establishes the skills required to operate the franchise.
  • A franchise enables a small business to compete with big businesses, more so than an independent small business, due to the pool of support from the franchisor.
  • You will have exclusive rights in your territory. The franchisor won't sell any other franchises in the same territory.
  • Financing the business may be easier. Banks are sometimes more likely to lend money to buy a franchise with a good reputation.
  • You can benefit from communicating and sharing ideas with, and receiving support from, other franchisees in the network.
  • Relationships and goods discounts with suppliers have already been established.
What do i need to run my own franchise with Usk Vale Foods ?

  1. Transport preferably a small van or estate car.
  2. A mobile phone and computer or tablet.
  3. Level 2 hygiene certificate and council registration as a food business.
  4. Personal and public liability insurance.
  5. Small Freezer and fridge storage.
What do we supply you with to get going ?

  1. Your own unique post code area covering up to 100,000 people.
  2. Training, initial set-up and ongoing if and when required.
  3. Start up stock worth over £500 in retail sales.
  4. Mobile, Chilled storage and display units with temperature gauges.
  5. Uniform, Order Forms, Brochure's , Permission letters,  Business cards, Leaflets and Flyers.
  6. Super fast set-up, we can have you up and running within 2-3 weeks....
All this for just £3,995..

For more information on how to run your very own Seafood franchise, contact us via email or call our franchise manager direct on 07791 769247.
Before someone else opens in your area.....