Luxury Oriental Selection Pack.

Luxury Oriental Selection Pack.


Sharing and lite bites

With the meteoric rise of casual dining over the last decade, eating out has become a more relaxed and social affair. Sharing platters and tapas style menus tap into the consumer desire to share and taste new foods, without spending a fortune.

 We’ve picked some of our favourite fish and seafood that are ideal for sharing and just right for the casual dining light bite trend. From old favourites, to cracking new flavour profiles, these products offer you an restaurant expirience in the home...


Japanese Style Karaage King Prawns

Karaage is a Japanese cooking technique using potato starch to produce a golden, crispy, tempura-like bite, ideal for dipping sauces. These raw butterfly King Prawns have their tails removed and have been marinated in soy, garlic and ginger before coating.

Tempura Battered Pineapple Cut Squid

Tap into the growing trend for Calamari with these tender raw chunks of Squid, cut in a pineapple pattern and coated in a light tempura batter with red chillies & coriander – a delicious feast Japanese style!

Lemongrass Marinated King Prawn Skewers

Two tail on raw butterfly cut King Prawns, marinated with lemongrass.

Breaded Garlic & Herb King Prawn Bites

You can’t go far wrong with this classic herb and garlic flavour. There’s no doubt these small but meaty bites are going to be popular with everyone.

Breaded Wasabi King Prawn Bites

These meaty King Prawns have been marinated in Wasabi and coated in breadcrumbs, so really pack a punch. This modern Asian flavour profile is bang on-trend that will be a real talking point on your customers’ table.

This fantastic selection pack will empress all of your guests, freinds and family.

Over 100 servings per box.